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Whether you want to start a café, kiosk, or cart, we can help you every step of the way from dream to reality. You’ll get all the guidance, plans and training you need, but the brand and business are ALWAYS yours

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Ready To Grab Your Share Of $8.2 Billion?

There’s no question that Australian’s love coffee. In fact, we love coffee so much that the café and coffee shop industry brings in a staggering $8.2 billion in revenue every year. And according to IBIS World it’s expected to grow another 7% in 2017. Keep in mind these figures don’t even include takeaway food services, restaurants, catering services or bars!

In other words, there’s a huge opportunity out there for anyone who wants to enter the coffee industry. Whether you’re a coffee lover who wants to turn a passion into  business, or simply a savvy person who wants to start up a high growth business – the coffee industry offers incredible potential.

The question is, how do you get started… and more importantly, how do you succeed in this increasingly competitive industry? Well that’s where we come in.

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Mobile Coffee Trailers for Sale

How would you like to have your own business? Wait – not a franchise – we mean your own successful coffee trailer business!

How about your own business name, your own profits and your own success story? With the help of Kickstart Coffee Shop, you can achieve just that.

As Australia’s leading independent coffee start-up consultants, since 2004 we help our clients to realise their coffee dream and kick start their very own successful and profitable mobile coffee trailer business.

Never been a barista? Never owned a business? No worries!

Purchasing a Mobile Coffee Trailer for Sale

If you’re worried about purchasing a coffee trailer for sale and having to learn the ropes of business and barista very quickly to get your business off the ground, we can help you out a lot.

You don’t need to be coffee business experts to set up and run a successful coffee business, you just need to lean on the expertise of coffee business experts.

Kickstart Coffee Shop can not only help you to purchase the right coffee trailers for sale and mobile coffee trailers for sale, we can provide all of the key ingredients to get your mobile coffee trailer business off the ground and up and running successfully.

The Best Mobile Coffee Trailers Available

Kickstart Coffee Shop offer budding mobile coffee trailer business entrepreneurs help with choosing an engaging business name and assistance with developing your brand as well as providing on-going mentoring and support.

We’ll help you find the best location for your coffee trailer, provide you with dedicated barista training in your capital city and show you how to use all of the equipment you have purchased.

Central to the success of your coffee trailer business is the quality of your product. Kickstart Coffee have solid relationships with leading independent roasters in Australia and help you to source high quality coffee that ensures your customers continuously return for more.

All Kinds of Coffee Trailers for Sale

Unlike a franchise opportunity, you aren’t nailed down with hefty initial and on-going financial commitments. Our role is to provide your business with the support and ingredients it needs to reach its full potential.

With our coffee business expertise, help, mentoring and support and your drive for business success, what may seem like a dream prospect could actually be a very profitable reality.

If you’re considering purchasing a mobile coffee trailer for sale and want to maximise your opportunity for business success, you can achieve just that by using Kickstart Coffee Shop.

Our role is to kick start your business – after that we sit back and allow you to enjoy the credit of your business success. Talk to our team today to discover how we can help get your mobile coffee trailer business of the ground. It’s time to realise your entrepreneurial dream!

Kickstart Coffee specialises in providing quality coffee shop business plans, as well as selling mobile coffee vans, coffee carts for sale and coffee trailers.

Mobile Coffee Trailer for Sale

A coffee trailer business can be one of the simplest ways to make a start in the lucrative world of coffee selling. The advantages a trailer can offer are mobility and lower costs compared with operating from a fixed shop location.

When you start an ordinary coffee shop, you have to lease or buy retail space, pay for shop fitting, pay for furnishings, pay for crockery, pay for cutlery, pay for condiment containers… as you can see, the key word here is “pay”, and that’s something you do a lot less of when you’re running a mobile coffee trailer business.

Why Choose a Mobile Coffee Trailer?

Is it the right choice for you? Well that depends on a lot of factors. Here are a few things to know about operating out of a coffee trailer:

  • Instead of a fixed location, you follow the action
  • You spend most of your time outdoors
  • You have lower fixed expenses and lower operating expenses
  • There are usually more local council regulations to comply with
  • If a location isn’t working out, you can easily move to another location
  • You can always position your cart in the best way for each location
  • There’s less cleaning to do

Why Invest in a Trailer Coffee Business?

Another thing about working in a mobile location instead of a fixed location is that you won’t have the luxury of performing secondary business activities like book keeping when you’re not busy serving customers. Those kinds of activities will either need to wait until the close of your trading hours or will need to be outsourced.

So, as you can see, there are quite a few advantages to a mobile coffee trailer business, but also a few points that could be considered disadvantages.  The important thing is you shouldn’t base the decision on cost alone. You have to look at the bigger picture of everything that’s involved, long before you head out in search of a mobile coffee trailer business for sale.

Various Coffee Trailers to Choose From

There’s no better place you can turn to for advice than Kickstart Coffee, a consultancy service especially created to help people get a start in the coffee business. We’ll do everything from helping you track down the best coffee trailer for sale, to helping you with developing your business plan, to scouting good locations for you. In fact anything you need help and advice with, we’ll be there to guide you.

If you’ve already found a coffee trailer for sale, call us on 1300 977 413 before you sign anything.  Not everyone who offers a mobile coffee trailer for sale has honest intentions.

Contact the Mobile Coffee Trailer Experts Today!

You’d be really surprised how often it turns out that a coffee trailer offered for sale has serious flaws that would have a detrimental effect on the proposed business.

Kickstart My Coffee is Australia’s best independent coffee start-up consultant, specialising in coffee shops and business plans for sale. We provide all kinds of coffee shop franchises for sale, including trucks, vans, carts, kiosks, trikes and trailers.
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Kickstart Coffee Shop Is Your Independent Coffee Start-Up Consultant

Our job is to make you market ready. We spare you the uncertainty of facing start-up entry alone and save you the cost and commitment of going down the franchising roads.

Our network of ‘best in the industry’ professionals ensures great value and exceptional quality design and construction. Most importantly it’s our understanding of the retail coffee business model and our ability to guide you into a startup that is right for you,  giving you every chance of success. Just as importantly, you’ll also become an attractive prospect for some of Australia’s leading award winning Roast Houses. When you partner with us you get:

  • No hidden or ongoing costs…
  • No Franchise or license contracts…
  • Independent, tailored advice…
  • Support with a fixed and affordable one-time fee…
  • To save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in franchise fees…
  • To avoid making costly mistakes going alone…
  • Independence, being the founder of your own brand…
  • Structured start-up, due diligence, processes and coaching…
  • Systems and processes to streamline your business…
  • VIP access to the best coffee, equipment and support…
  • And much more.

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This IS NOT A Franchise. It’s Your Business, Your Brand, With No Strings Attached

If you want to be the founder of your own brand and have all the freedoms that come with owning your own business, I have great news for you.

At Kickstart Coffee Shop, we’re offering you our 12 years of experience setting up and running successful coffee businesses around Australia. This isn’t a franchise. We’re independent coffee start-up consultants. We put your needs first and treat your start-up plans as if they were our own.

That means no ongoing payments, no royalties, no profit sharing, just a one-off fee that will give you unlimited access to our extensive knowledge and experience.

Free report reveals the 5 things you must know before investing in a coffee franchise

Avoid costly mistakes that could cost you hundreds of thousands and download your free report now

You have questions, we have answers

  • Q.  Is this a franchise?

    Kickstart Coffee Shop is not a franchise.  We are independent coffee start-up consultants. We put your needs first and treat your start-up plans as if they were our own.

  • Q.  Are there any contracts or ongoing payments?


  • Q.  Can we use our own coffee?

    Yes!  We also have some great recommendations based on experience.  Choosing the right coffee and equipment is critical to your success.  Our recommended roasters come with valuable ongoing support.

  • Q.  Do you find coffee locations?

    Yes.  We carefully select coffee shop sites based on them passing our proven bench mark criteria.  Then we negotiate the best possible deal with fair and workable terms.  This can result in cash incentives paid directly into your pocket for signing a lease.  The most we have achieved in the past is 50k.  This is an amazing benefit to offset the cost of your fit-out considerably.  For our mobile clients we give provide training and tools to build a successful coffee run.  This is based on real life trial and error experience.

  • Q.  What are the returns like?

    This would be the most common question.  It does depend on key variables like COG’S, Rent, Staffing Cost and Operating Efficiencies.  At Kickstart we can set you up in model that will deliver real and bankable results

  • Q.  Is making good coffee hard to do?

    No, similar to the franchise model we breakdown the job into systems and procedures. There is skill involved in making great coffee however you will learn from the best and you will get plenty of practice on the job

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“After meeting Simon and Marnie to discuss what it all might mean to start a coffee business, an offer which seemed too good to refuse was presented to me. A fantastic whirlwind week and I was hooked! Opportunity was knocking, change was looming and doors were opening. I have now embraced the challenge and have started with the amazing support and encouragement of Simon (not sucking up, just stating the truth, thanks Simon :).”

Steve Vansmaalen Entrepreneurial Philanthropic Coffee Specialist

“Since we started working with Simon in 2009, we have been impressed with the core values and passion that Simon shows in every aspect of his business dealings – honesty, integrity, hard work and commitment to excellence.”

Gidon Rosing ARS

“It gives us a sense of great satisfaction seeing our customers truly enjoying our product. Simon O’Brien has always been very supportive of us by providing us with advice and resources to attain our goals. With this, we are proud to recommend Simon to any individuals who aspire to have a business that is profitable and enjoyable.”

Ryan and Kristy Chua Franchisee

"From having worked with Simon for a number of years, I can say he is a savvy and driven entrepreneur who knows his business and can see the forest through the trees. Simon was great to work with and I wish him well in any future endeavours."

Peter SanfilippoThe Franchise Lawyer

URGENT: Limited Time Offer
For a limited time, we’re giving away a free 30-minute Kickstart Consultation.

We’ll discuss your needs and goals, then come up with a personalized plan tailored just for you. And don’t worry, you won’t be getting a sales pitch. You’ll be speaking directly with our team, NOT a salesperson. And we’ll be sharing all the knowledge we’ve gained over our 12 years in the coffee industry. You’re under absolutely no obligation to use any of our services.

Why are we giving this away for free? Well, we understand that starting a business is a serious, long term investment. Not some get rich quick scheme, and not something to get into lightly. That’s why we don’t employ high pressure sales tactics. We simply want you to get all the information you need and decide for yourself if you want our help.

So, if you’re ready to start building your dream coffee business, and you’re ready to start chasing that freedom that will let you work and live on your own terms, just click the link below and claim your free consultation today. But we urge you to hurry. We only have a limited number of spaces available each month and they’re filling up fast!