Simon O’Brien – Founder

Fourteen years ago I left the cosy confines of employment with one of Australia’s wealthiest mining companies. Operating multi million dollar trucks and equipment had lost its gloss for me and i was restless!

At the time I was reading a lot, (particularly Robert Kiyosaki) and decided to make my own way and get ahead, I had to break the confines of employment and “charter my own ship,”.

I chose the coffee industry in which to enter the business arena. Initially Marnie (my wife) was the passionate one about good coffee while I was just desperate to quit my job.

Fast forward now to 2019, after many years of costly trial and error experience building coffee shop’s, including our own national coffee chain. I can safely say the step into coffee has certainly changed my life for the best.

Today my passion, (BESIDES good coffee) is helping like minded people succeed in their OWN coffee business and find the freedom I so much enjoy in being my own boss.

Things You Should Know About Us

  • 100% independent / we get no kick-backs
  • Expert Coffee start up Consultants
  • Proven operators
  • Unbiased professionals
  • All round nice people
  • Non Franchise
  • Fair and Affordable
  • Unique business model born of experience
  • Fantastic Barista’s
  • Coffee connoisseurs


“The cart has become a meeting point at Mackay Base, the coffee is great, service cheerful and quick and regular orders are remembered. It is very personal and professional.”

D. BarnettRedevelopment Coordinator - Mackay Base Hospital

“The Cart has been an integral part of the staff’s high morale at the Mackay Base Hospital over the last year. "The Carts" quality coffee “pick me ups” have definitely become part of our day to day work.”

P. GelperowiczDep Dir. Ed - Mackay Base Hospital

“I visited Simon’s Coffee Cart when I was at Mackay Hospital and you get really great fantastic service.”

Paul LucasDeputy Premier - (Former Health Minister) Qld Government

"There is no doubt that Simon provides the finest coffee in Mackay. More than this, Simon also provides a refuge for so many staff, patients, family & friends. Who would have thought that something as simple as a Coffee could bring so much joy & happiness to the people; especially in a place where we can experience the pains and sadness of life. (Hospital) People like Simon are real hard to find and when you do you should never want to let them out of your life."

M. TaylorCoffee Supplier

"It gives us a sense of great satisfaction seeing our customers truly enjoying our
product. Simon O’Brien has always been very supportive of us by providing us with advice and resources to attain our goals. With this, we are proud to recommend Simon to any individuals who aspire to have a business that is profitable and enjoyable."

Former FranchiseeR & K. Chua

"From having worked with Simon for a number of years, I can say he is a savvy and driven entrepreneur who knows his business and can see the forest through the trees. Simon was great to work with and I wish him well in any future endeavours."

Peter SanfilippoThe Franchise Lawyer